VALL Fresh Holic (Gold Pillar)

Original price was: ₱750.00.Current price is: ₱449.00.

VALL Fresh Holic (Gold Pillar)

Original price was: ₱750.00.Current price is: ₱449.00.

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VALL Fresh Holic
Oiliness Removal + Massage + Pore Care (All-In-One)

Enjoy a silky, matte complexion throughout the day with the VALL Fresh Holic.

This revolutionary beauty tool helps quickly remove excess oil from your face to get rid of that greasy shine. Carefully carved from volcanic stone, this super-absorbent sphere instantly draws oil, sebum, and dirt out of your skin while leaving your makeup perfectly intact. The compact, pocket-size design lets you pop it in your handbag for a hassle-free touch-up anytime you want.

Just roll the VALL Fresh Holic on your skin to remove oil and dirt easily, and make your skin oily-shine-free. Bye-bye unnecessary oil and sebum!

✅ Prevents oil & dirt from clogging up your pores
✅ Prevents acne flared up
✅ Far infrared massage effect. Feels like a relaxing, gentle massage for your skin
✅ Anti-Stress
✅ The ultra-fine pores of the natural stone absorbs oil instantly
✅ Reduces Skin Pores
✅ Hypoallergenic and Natural Materials
✅ Anti-bacterial and Deodorizing effect
✅ Prevent skin trouble under the mask
✅ Washable and reusable. Reduces the use of wasteful blotting paper/tissue
✅ Makeup stays all day

👉 SGS (Standard Global Services)
☑️ Skin Non Irritation Test

☑️ Water & Oil Absorption Rate Test

☑️ Antibacterial Test
☑️ Deodorization Test
☑️ Far Infrared Emissivity Test


5/5 - (28 votes)


Simple Pore Care

Reduces Skin Pores

Prevents Acne Flared Up

Far Infrared Massage Effect

Anti-Bacterial and Deodorizing Functions

Hypoallergenic and Natural Materials

Compact Size and Luxurious Design

Prevention of Skin Trouble Under the Mask


Oil and Sweat Absorption

Smoothen and Freshen Skin

No Makeup Smudging



A natural volcanic ion stone and antibacterial powder that has numerous pores that instantly removes unnecessary excess oil, dirt, and sebum from the skin into the pores and makes your skin soft.

Oil Absorption Test

Water Absorption Test

Facial Oil Removal Test


Oil and dirt covering the skin


Completely removed oil and dirt

Hand Oil Removal Test


Oil and dirt covering the skin


Completely removed oil and dirt

Hypoallergenic Test Certificate

VALL Fresh Holic is Hypoallergenic tested and certified. Enjoy using VALL whatever type of skin you have.

Porous Pores

Ten’s of thousands of porous pores are in the ceramic volcanic stone ball. It absorbed the skin’s dirt or waste, sebum and oil into the pores very quickly


Anti-Bacterial Test Certificate

VALL Fresh Holic is made of 100% volcanic ion stone. A natural material, tested and certified anti-bacterial. The bacteria does not grow in the volcanic stone, so there will be no worries to use VALL for how many times to your skin.

Far-Infrared Test Certificate

Far-Infrared Test Certificate

VALL Fresh Holic volcanic ion stone ball is tested and certified with far-infrared emissivity test

Far-Infrared Rays

Far-infrared rays is generated from natural volcanic stone to promote blood circulation through a massaging effect. It helps with enhancing skin elasticity as well..


Rolling the VALL over your skin will absorb unnecessary excess oil, sweat and dirt from the pores of your skin

Skin Trouble under Mask

Worry no more with skin troubles after wearing a mask for an extended time, VALL Fresh Holic make your skin smooth and fresh anytime and anywhere

Oil, Sweat and Bacteria in your Mask

With VALL Fresh Holic, it has anti-bacterial and deodorizing functions. You can protect your skin in a fresher and hygienic way without having to worry about odors.

Before Wearing Makeup

Using VALL before wearing makeup, the makeup stays longer with mattifying finish and does not easily removed when you wear a face mask

Wearing Thick Makeup

Use VALL Fresh Holic without worrying cakey or smudges even when wearing thick makeup because it only absorbs unnecessary excess oil, sweat and dirt.

It freshens the face without messing up the makeup.

Prevent Skin Aging

As far-infrared is emitted, it activates biological tissues to delay skin aging and maintain your skin's elasticity

VALL compared to conventional oil paper, powder & facial tissue

Testimonial of people using other product

When I use oil blotting paper, my acne flares up

When I use oil blotting paper, it is so hustle and my makeup smudges

When I use powder, my makeup become lumpy and I cough

When I use facial tissue, my makeup smudges and sometimes it leaves some fiber on my face that is so annoying and unpleasant


Simply roll the VALL Fresh Holic onto your skin, specially to the area where you have the most oily-skin, like the T-Zone which is your forehead and your nose, and the U-Zone from your cheek and chin, and the lower part of your eyes.

T-Zone Roll the VALL gently onto the T-zone area where a lot of sebaceous glands are located
U-Zone Relax the muscles by rolling the VALL onto the U-zone where there is lot of muscle movement


It was cool how it looked different from the actual oil absorbing sheets I'm accustomed to. Never hearing about the product before, I wasn't sure if it could remove oil. But it turned out great and it's easy to carry around!

It's an unfamiliar product, but the effects are great!

I love the design and how the effects can be seen so fast. It comes in a perfect size for your to carry around!
Excellent solution for oily skin! This is a small thing, but it makes your skin not greasy!
There's a reason why it's a favorite item among Europeans! Now I know why they would purchase this... With just a few rolls, oil is removed and moisture is added. Roll this before and after you put on makeup!

This is the best for removing oiliness!

With it's first launch in Korea, I strongly recommend this product to you! I've never seen anything like it that removes oil, does pore care, and massages all at the same time!
It was popular even before it's launch... My skin would get oily at times since I have combination-type skin... But this product is so easy to use! With this, you don't need to worry about it before or even after doing makeup!
I hope this product's first launch in Korea is successful! I love it! It's cool how it removes the oil from your skin when applying this after doing makeup. The product is eco-friendly, which means you don't have to throw it away after each use like you do with oil-absorbing sheets.

The fancy design is my favorite!

The effects are amazing, and it has a quality design! I always tell my friends about the product whenever they ask me about it!
Don't miss out on this cost-effective item! I cam to know about this product when I was trying to find an air freshener. The scent is deep and not too strong. I'm definitely going to buy it again!
This is the product I always use, even though I don't have oily skin. I like how powder doesn't come flying off with this product. So now I don't use no-sebum anymore. Get rid of oil and reduce skin irritation with this! It's design is fancy, and you can easily carry it around with you.

To those who always have to carry oil-absorbing sheets, facial tissue or powder, please read!

Oil-absorbing sheets, facial tissue and powder can wash out makeup, but only oil will be removed with this facial roller!
47,530 products sold within 30 days in Europe. I love using this ball before putting any makeup on. It removes unnecessary oil that was not removed by cleansing and smooths out the skin texture.

VALL Fresh Holic is proudly 100% made in Korea and has been recognized overseas!

Now available in the Philippines!

5/5 - (28 votes)
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